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In the era of computers, we all are dependent upon them. But you ever thought which language is understood by computers. Do computers also understand normal English language like us or there is some special language used for the interpretation for computers? The answer is computer understand machine language that is known as BINARY LANGUAGE. Computers only understand 01 (binary) language. But you will now think that you enter normal high language to give commands to the computer there is no binary language used by you. Well, we enter our instructions in high level language but the machine converts this high level language to binary language with the help of the compiler.

You might have curiosity to know what binary language is and how you can translate it in English or text. This binary language can be converted into English or texts using the binary translator. There are standard rules and solutions used to translate normal or high-level language to machine language (binary language) and machine to high-level language. Binary language consists of two digits 0 and 1. In most of the cases in computer architecture 0 is used to define the OFF state and 1 is used to show the ON state. In the field of information technology all the machines just understands binary codes whether its home appliances, computers, inbuilt coding behind your mobiles, telephones, electronic communication all these deals with binary language and when we give command in our own language it first converts to binary understands the command and when deliver us the output in our own language.

So, if you are an IT student or you have curiosity to gather information for binary translator then buddy, you are at right place. Here, you will get to know about the different aspects of the Binary translator.

Binary to Text Translator

As I mentioned above the binary language includes only two digits 0 & 1 but if we talk about text then there are 26 alphabets which are used. And n case of binary to text translation we have standard ASCII method. ASCII ha defined standard hexadecimal values for each digit, special signs and alphabets. ASCII stands for American Standard Code for Information Interchange. ASCII is the representation of all the text in the codes for electronic communication. In ASCII there are around 127 codes used for standard values, integers, special characters like (* & ^ % $ # @ ! – + , . / _ } { [ ] ? ”: ; etc.) and English alphabets. So, when we translate binary code to text it interprets the result or value of ASCII code and on the basis of ASCII code we came to know about which text is used. Like for ASCII code 65 is used for alphabet “A” and 97 for “a” ASCII code has different values for lower case and upper case alphabets. Binary code for “A” is 01000001. You do not need to remember these codes there is online binary to text translators available you can take help of these translators to interpret the results.

Binary to English translator

In the case of Binary to English translator, firstly the binary code is converted into hexadecimal code. Every hexadecimal code generates unique ASCII value. On the basis of ASCII value the English alphabet is chosen. Like hexadecimal 65 is used to represent “A”. And after 65 there occur continuation of upper case alphabets and binary representation of “A” is 01000001 and “B” is 01000010 so on. After the completion of uppercase alphabets, there begins lower case alphabets which starts from 99 (hexadecimal value) and ends at 122 (hexadecimal value) and binary code for “a” is 01100001. When you use binary to English translator on the basis of hexadecimal numbers English alphabets are joined and words are made on the basis of hexadecimal numbers arrives. Like for example if you write “01110000” then here comes the hexadecimal value 120 which is equal to the English alphabet “x” . You can take help of these binary to English translator when you want to change the binary codes into the higher language.

Binary Translator to Text

Sometimes, you just need to translate the binary codes into text. A text can include digits, alphabets, and special symbols also. So, when it comes to the point to translate or convert binary into text then here are many online translators available which provide the facility to translate binary to text and txt to binary as well. And if you are interested to understand the concept that how these translations are achieved then these online translators also provide the logics and concepts description as well. So, you just need to choose of the translators and then they will provide you the proper solution regarding the particular binary number and generate the text value corresponding to the entered binary code. They translates in decimal form like decimal, hexadecimal or octal and on the basis of which corresponding hexadecimal value ASCII code generated and text value comes out as a solution.


Google is the top- notch preference by the users to search for anything they want to. And there are numerous options appear on a single click. So, you can easily find out the binary translator on Google. All these options of binary translator also provide proper guidance and knowledge regarding the binary translator. We all do not need only answers but the proper description of the solution as well. These multiple sites also provide step by step guidance for the solution. Like the binary translation on conversion to decimal deals with the power of 2 that is if the binary consists of 8 digits then the power of 2 starts from 20 to 27. These powers multiply with the 0 and 1. If the value is 0 then comes out zero and in case of 1 power of 2 is the results. The summation of all these values is the final answer, which converts the binary into decimal form. All such kind of concepts is cleared in a very nice manner with the help of examples in binary translator Google.


Binary number consists of only two digits either 1 or 0. No other number is used in the binary form. While in normal case we have ten digits and all these 10 digits can be represented in this binary form very easily. All these digits are described by the combination of binary digits like in case of 1 the binary digits are represented as 10000000. The binary numbers are represented in the form of decimal, hexadecimal and octal form. In case of hexadecimal form there is combination of digits and alphabets but in case of decimal we have series of digits only. All these binary number translation either to decimal or hexadecimal form you can easily retrieve from online translator. These translators describe step to step description as well for the binary to number translator.

00110 Binary Translator

As I also mentioned above that these binary codes can easily be translated to numbers by using power of “2” method. In this case your binary code should have base 10. When the binary code has base 10 then that code can be converted very easily using power concept. In this case you just need to write down the all the values with the multiple of power of 2 and the power will increase with each number from right to left and in the end summation of all the values will be the required answer.  Syntax is:

b0 X 20 + b1 X 21 + b2 X 22 + b3 X 23 + b4 X 24 + b5 X 25+ b6 X 26 + b7 X 27…..   = decimal number

Syntax helps to understand the concept in an easy way. You can also take example of one binary number to the decimal form like 00110 then answer of this binary code comes out to be 6 with base 10. The solution of this binary form will be provided and keep one thing in mind that this binary code starts from right end moves towards left end.

0 X 20 + 1 X 21 + 1 X 22 + 0 X 23 + 0 X 24 = 2 + 4

i.e. the answer comes out is 6

In this way you can easily calculate the binary codes. This is very simple method used to convert the binary and when you take help of binary translator it will also show the same result.

Google translator binary


As the binary is considered as low level language which can’t be understood by all the people but by the computer and to deal with computer architecture and working you need to be aware of binary numbers. We all to some extend familiar with the terms bit, byte terabyte etc. All these terms also linked with the binary numbers. Binary numbers are also used in embedding codes. All the codes which are required to run the machinery is wither written in assembly language which includes binary numbers as well. To perform any kind of assembly programming you need to be aware about binary conversion and logics as well.  Google translator binary provides us all the required information regarding all these concepts and explains all the description very easily. You can grasp all the concepts by using Google translator binary.

Binary Code translator to English

Binary codes can easily be translated to English as well. There are many computer programming languages which do not require binary codes but use English alphabets to give commands to the computer is it computer work which translates English letters to binary code and interprets the result on the basis of a command given on it. Well, there are converters which converts English code to binary and then binary to English. Or high-level language to machine language then machine language to high level language. We call it high-level language which is easily understood by all the people that is English. That why English is considered as the high-level language and coding language or binary language is considered as machine or low level language. The assembly language is a combination of both binary as well as English so it is considered as medium level language.

Binary Language Translator


There are numerous binary language translators which are required by the coders to translate their high-level coding to machine language. Like there many programming languages now a day which use high-level language for a coding purpose to make software but when you need to embed this coding to machine or say computer you need the converter which will convert your high level language to low or binary language so that computer can interpret results. There are many online converters available which are highly recommended to convert the languages on the basis of the programming you are using. So, you can easily take help of these converters to translate your high level language to machine language that is binary language.

Binary Code Translator to Text

When you give a command you write text and computer needs to convert this high level code to binary code. Similarly when the result is generated the binary code is then translated to text as well. Sometimes we need to the results in binary form and then interprets the values on the basis of them. That is we have binary code and we want to convert this code ito text form then we can use binary code to text translator for this purpose. All the translator which are used to convert the text to binary form there is swap option so that if you want to convert a binary number to text form this is also possible in the same you do not need any other special translator for this purpose. All the translators have option that whether you want to translate binary code to text or text to binary code.

Binary Translator Destiny


Binary translator destiny is used to code games and quest and there also consists of method to lock or unlock the code as well. All these concepts the provided with proper guidelines in binary translator destiny. So, if you want to become a sharp programmer and want to use the power of binary language to interpret coding to make versatile tools you can take help of of binary translator destiny.

Google Binary Translator


We all find Google an ultimate solution of everything. Similarly if you are troubling to find out binary translator then Google binary translator is the best solution you will not only find the answers for particular binary code but you will also get the explanation for each code so that you can have better understanding for the binary codes.

Binary Code Translator Destiny

Binary codes can also be locked and when you want to use them you need to unlock them all these kind of concepts are described in a complete manner in binary code translator destiny and you can take help of this to interpret complex binary codes and perform programming in the binary form.

Binary Translator Numbers

As the number series is quite long and the binary form consists of a combination of binary numbers one and zero. When you go through the details of the binary translator to numbers you will also find out the tricks to keep these numbers and combination of binary codes in your mind. These translators provide you proper guidance as well.

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